Peachy Neutrals

This headband is one of my favorites.  It is natural and pretty, without being overwhelming.  The flowers are handmade from the palest peachy silk, dressed in dried flora.  And since this is a headband and not a tieback, you do not have to worry about it slipping around.  Perfect for the newborn photographer who loves natural tones and organic set-ups.  It is available in the Shop.

Peaches Headband

Peaches Headband 2.jpgCreativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye ~ Parker


Garden Delights

Spring is coming, floral statement pieces are in!  This hydrangea tieback is the perfect piece for a styled-photo session.  It will work well with newborns, tots, and even adults when you want to incorporate a piece of the garden into your masterpiece.  It is available in the Shop in your choice of cream, pink, or teal.  So gorgeous!

CastAway Collection

CastAway CollectionCreativity is not a hobby; it is a way of life.


Soft and Dreamy

The Eliza Halo has been a best seller for several years here at the CastAway Collection with it’s organic appeal and rich earth tones.  But Spring is on its way and I am excited to re-introduce Eliza’s sister, Elaina.

This Elaina Halo is so soft, filled with beautiful texture with just a touch of nature.  Perfect for the newborn photographer who loves neutral set-ups that are fresh and dreamy.  You will find this Halo in the Shop along with other pretty little props.

Photo by: Peekaboo Studios

Peekaboo Studios.jpg


_MG_3107{Elaina Halo}

Creativity flows freely from the soul ~ Jarworski

Simply Pretty

Sometime a touch of pretty is all you need.  These new headbands are just that – soft and pretty with delicate details.  Customers can customize if they prefer, choosing a small bow, flower, or ruffle.  Available in 8 different colors.  A must for any prop collector.

Petite Headbands.jpg

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul ~ Uchtdorf


Rustic Appeal

Delicate just rustic, these new tiebacks are perfect for the newborn photography who loves earthy photo props.  Beautiful.  Neutral.  Organic.  Each is available in the Shop separately or as a set. Get yours today.

Rustic Appeal

To live a creative life, we must loose our fear of being wrong ~ Pearce


Pretty Petals

When you are looking for a simple prop with loaded with beauty, this is it.  These pretty flower tiebacks are made from soft chiffon metals accented with dried flora on a textured band.  Simple.  Pretty.  A prop you will use time and time again.  These are now available in the Shop in five different colours.  You just have to choose.

Pretty Petals

Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment ~ Kohl


Heavenly Halos

Soft pastels inspire these heavenly halos.  Dried floral and rag paper flowers accent a crown of moss.  Two options have been added to the Shop.  You have the choice of “Peach & Yellow” or “Blue & Lilac.”  These halos are size newborn but are adjustable with an open back…perfect for sitters.  A timeless piece to add to your prop collection.


Your creative work will tell your story ~ Slim


Just in Time for Spring

Fall colours are great but there is just something about Spring.  It is all about new beginnings and new life.  And these new headbands are just the thing to get you started.  Fresh, pretty, and filled with organic details – these jersey headbands are so versatile fitting both newborns and sitters.  There are eight different versions available in the Shop.  You are sure to find one you love.

Luxe Heaband

We are all creative beings ~ Fiennes


Luscious Silks

It’s a brand new year and I am so excited to introduce these brand new headbands.  Made from beautiful hand-dyed silk, these headbands are so luscious with the softest details.  Tone-on-tone with beautiful texture, these will soon become a favourite in your prop collection.  And no need to choose, there is a set of four available in the shop.


Luxe Silk Headbands

You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have ~ Angelou


It’s Nice to be Back!

And with one click of the mouse, the CastAway Collection is open again for business!  Thank you for your continued support and comforting words while I was away.  But I am back and stronger than ever!  The CastAway Collection was just given a face-lift with tons of new products added.  But don’t worry, you can still find your favorite pieces in the Shop.  Here is your preview of what’s new…