Feature Friday ~ Abby Custer Photography

Interview with Abby Custer Photography

The weekend is nearly here…time to take a break and get to know our weekly guest a little better.  Abby Custer located in Noblesville, Indiana.  She specializes in natural light photography providing services for newborns, children, families, couples, and seniors.  And let me tell you in advance – her work is beautiful!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My faith, family, and friends are number one.  I am the mother of three incredible babes that God gave me the privilege to parent. I have an awesome and supportive husband. I like to workout and try to eat healthy. But some of my favorite things are coffee, wine and dessert!


2. How did you get started in photography?

As far back as I can remember photography was an interest of mine. From setting up and planning out play photo shoots as a child, to getting my first DSLR. I love all aspects of photography. I love capturing beauty and emotion. I love enhancing reality through  editing, to match the beauty of the memories and people that we hold so dear. That sounds cheesy, but it’s true!


3. If this a full time job or a part time gig?

It’s as full time as it can be with three children. Two of them under two. 


4. What three word describe your style?

I always try to keep subjects and moments as authentic as possible. I don’t like to overdo my images with editing, but I do love to enhance them to bring out the beauty of the person and moment. I love clean, natural and bright images. I guess I need four words. Authentic, clean, natural and bright.


5. Do you always know when you get the perfect shot? Any surprises during the editing process?

I always try to make sure my settings and lighting are set for the image I am trying to achieve. But being human, I definitely make mistakes. The camera and lenses can have a mind of their own as well. I shoot wide open or close to it, so out of focus mishaps are definitely my number one pet peeve.


6. What are you inspired by?

People. Making people happy, giving them a gift they can cherish, one that makes them proud to show off.


7. Are you self taught?  Learn somewhere else?

I am self taught, with lots of help from some very gifted and generous friends. I have also taken some great workshops with very talented photographers.


8. Any special moments or funny bloopers you want to share with us that happened during a session?

This job has allowed me to do some pretty incredible things and be with people at the best and the worst of times. From photographing the birth of a child, to photographing someone’s last breath. I feel so blessed that I am able to be there for those people.

As far as bloopers..Oh yes! And 100% of them have to do with newborns, their very fast digestive systems, and when and where that digestive system decides it’s going to do its thing. Having an in home studio has been glorious, because I can change my clothes any time I need to! 


9. Do you have any rituals that are apart of your editing process?

Coffee, and if it’s been a really long day, wine and chocolate. And there is almost always a podcast or music playing in the background. 


10. Do you a glass addiction?  What is your favorite lens?

I couldn’t live without my 50 and 35. But I love the dreamy look of the 85. 


11. What advice you give a photographer just starting off in this business?

Practice, practice, practice. Take every set back as a learning experience. Also, know your worth and don’t compare yourself to others. It’s that same  lesson we learned when we were 5, but it’s easy to forget. 


12. Where can we find you? Social media links? 

Instagram: abbycusterphotography


Thanks so much Abby!  Thank was so much fun…and again, such beautiful work!  Are you a photographer and interested in being featured?  Just contact me!




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