Swaddling Sack Giveaway!

Swaddling Sack

Click Here to Enter!

One final giveaway to complete the year!  Thank you all for your support and for loving the CastAway Collection Swaddling Sack!

I am giving away 2 newborn Swaddling Sacks to my fans…one giveaway is happening on Facebook and the other on Instagram!  And I LOVE this one; so perfect for the winter season.  Giveaway ends on Monday and winners will be announced around Noon.  Just remember that you must be a fan to win.

Still time to save 20-25% off any order placed in my Etsy Shop.  Codes are listed below with the link.  Good luck and have a great weekend everyone!


$0-149.00 Use: ENDOFYEARTHANKYOU20 and Save 20%

$150 or More Use: ENDOFYEARTHANKYOU25 and Save 25%


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