New to the Collection

Your Exclusive Preview

Getting back into the swing of things and I have been working on some new additions tot he shop.  You can expect to see these very soon…lots of soft colors, nature materials, all combined to create an organic Spring vibe.   Looking forward to adding these in next 1-2 weeks.  Enjoy!

Briar Rose Halo

{Briar Rose Halo}

Carolina Halo

{Carolina Halo}

Gloria Tieback

{Gloria Tieback}

Watercolors Bonnet

{Watercolors Bonnet}

Rose Blush Tieback

{Rose Blush Tieback}

Spring Blossom Tieback

{Spring Blossom Tieback}

Flouirsh Tieback

{Flourish Tieback}

Blista Bow Tieback

{Blista Tieback}

Aqua Dream Tieback

{Aqua Dreams Tieback}

Gypsy Tieback

{Gypsy Tieback}


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