Newborn Swaddling Sacks

On Sale Friday at 2 PM EST!

Wow!  I am putting out cozy, little Swaddling Sacks as fast as I can make them!  Thank you all!

I have another batch of beautiful Sacks looking for new homes.  Expect to see lots of neutral tones and beautiful textures.

If you haven’t snagged yourself one yet, I am having a Ready-to-Ship Sale on Friday (March 21, 2014) at 2 PM EST on my Facebook Biz Page!  Set your alarms, don’t be late, they will go fast!

And if you haven’t entered the Swaddling Sack Giveaway, take a moment to do so…you could win your very own Custom-Made Sack from the CastAway Collection.  Enter HERE.

Cheers!  And have a great weekend!

Dewdrops Photography


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