The Songbird Collection

The first collection of the year is here and I think I am in love!  And based on your feedback I think a few of these pieces are here to stay and might just make their way to the Shop.  Thank you all for such a great sale.  The Songbird Collection. . .enjoy!

Interested in any of these pieces?  Just contact me.  And as always, make sure to follow me on Facebook for the latest news and promotions.

Songbird Collection(Chance ~ Upcycled Newborn Pants with Organic Cotton Bonnet & Tieback)

Songbird Collection(Grayson ~ Upcycled Newborn Pants with Textured Bonnet)

Songbird Collection(Newborn Romper & Tieback with Vintage Lace Accents)

Songbird Collection(Dusky ~ Newborn Leg Warmers & Tieback)

Songbird Collection(Reagan ~ Silk Blend Newborn Bonnets)

Songbird Collection(Sparrow ~ Newborn Tieback)

Songbird Collection(Starling ~ Newborn Tieback)

Songbird Collection(Beautifully Hand-Dyed Cheesecloth Wraps)


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