Feature Friday: Christina Skinner Photography

Interview with Christina Skinner

Welcome back to another edition Feature Friday!  I am so happy to feature Christina Skinner.  Her work is amazing.  Based out of Orange County, this natural light photographer is all about capturing the moments that melt your heart.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a child of God, a wife of 5 years, and mother to 2 precious children; an 11 month old boy and 2 ½ year old girl. I grew up in southern California and after living in Salt Lake City for 6 years I found my way back here again. Besides photography, my other hobby is sewing. What can I say… I love to create!


How did you get started in photography?

I suppose I’ve always had a fascination with making images. I used to make my very tomboy sister dress up in my ballet costumes and pose for me in front of my Mom’s cheap 35mm point and shoot. I thought that meant I would go into the fashion industry. I did for a while in my teens and early 20’s as a high fashion model but found that I really wanted to try being behind the camera. I took a class at a local junior college and fell in love with the way you can manipulate light and develop in a dark room. Later my husband bought me my first DSLR and his old copy of Photoshop and I was hooked.


If this a full time job or a part time gig?

It’s very part time for me right now. I’m booking more in the summer now that other commitments have ended but I don’t foresee going full time for quite a while as we want to have more children and there is just not enough of me to go around.


What three word describe your style?

Casual. Emotive. Soft.


Do you always know when you get the perfect shot?  Any surprises during the editing process?

Every time I think I have the perfect shot I’m usually disappointed when I sit down to edit. It’s the overachiever in me that sets high expectations. But the times that I’m bummed a session didn’t go as planned I’m usually very pleasantly surprised at the gems I find.


What are you inspired by?

I draw inspiration from anything and everything. My children, sunlight, songs, locations, a prop or outfit. I really enjoy following other photographers that encourage me to try new things and push my creative limits.


Are you self taught?  Learn somewhere else?

As I mentioned before I learned to shoot on film from some college classes. Everything digital is self taught.


Any special moments or funny bloopers you want to share with us that happened during a session?

I was 9 months pregnant doing a couple’s session at a park. We were on a slight hill and I took a step back to frame my shot and forgot I was standing on a hill. I lost my footing and with 50 extra pounds and a huge belly there was no saving my fall backwards. My feet went up in the air and everything! I was wearing a skirt and prayed that I didn’t flash the poor couple. Luckily the baby was ok and my camera was ok, the two most important things right?  Haha!  My back and dignity were aching for a while. So embarrassing….


Do you have any rituals that are a part of your editing process?

I’m one of those ADD editors. I can’t stick to one session from start to finish and with two little ones I’m interrupted frequently. I also can’t edit every session the same way or I get bored. I love to try out new things so I keep a notebook on my desk with lots of notes on the way I’m editing each session so I can jump back and forth. It’s not very time effective I realize but I can’t seem to stop.


Do you a glass addiction?  What is your favorite lens?

Some people have been surprised to find out that I used the 50mm 1.8 exclusively until recently. I just got an 85mm and upgraded my 50. I guess I’d have to say that the 50 is my favorite but I love both for different reasons. There are other lenses I’d like to get but I’m a keep it simple kind of girl so you’ll never find me with a big stash of glass.


What advice you give a photographer just starting off in this business?

Practice, practice, practice!  Find yourself and your style and be true to it. The clients will come because they are attracted to your work and you’ll enjoy what you do because it’s an extension of yourself. Fads come and go but don’t get so immersed in a fad that it defines your style because you’ll soon be outdated. Find small ways to incorporate them (if you want) into your style.


Where can we find you? 

Blog:  www.christinaskinnerphotography.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Christina-Skinner-Photography/145613548824077


Thank you so much Christina.  Amazing interview!  Happy Friday to you all and be sure to head on over to Chrstina’s Facebook Page and leave her some love!  Cheers!


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