{Feature Friday: Justine Miller Photography}

{Interview with Justine Miller}

Wow!  What can I say?  Only that Justine Miller is an amazing photographer and can capture any moment fabulously.  Justine works out of Mesa, Arizona and specializes in Maternity, Newborn, Family, and Wedding Photography.  She has a unique style which is a beautiful blend of journalistic, contemporary, and traditional which makes for a very special image.  I was in love as soon as I saw some of my work featured on a tiny newborn and I know that you will be too!  Now, a little more about Justine!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a wife and mother to three children: Mason, Ashlynn and Ryleigh.  I happen to also be a photographer 🙂

How did you get your start in photography?

My father was a hobbyist.  I remember growing up he would set up sheets in the front room and set up his camera and tripod and attempt to get family photos of us.  Once I had my own children I began to really enjoy and value photography.

Is this a full time job or a part time gig?

I am 100% full-time.   No backup gig for me.

What three words describe your style?

Classic.  Clean.  True.

How do you describe your approach to photography to your clients?

I always say a perfect photo is not comprised of four faces smiling and looking at the camera.  It is about capturing the essence of their souls.  I try to be natural.

Do you always know when you get that perfect shot?  Any surprises during the editing process?

No, not really.  I just kind of go into this other place when I am shooting.  My photographer-self takes over and I am almost watching myself shoot.  It is kind of like an outer-body experience.  I somehow always know that I got the shot they will love and am not really surprised too often.  Of course there are always the photos that make my heart melt when I am editing.  And I know I did a good job when I can’t wipe the smile off my own face when I am editing the clients photos!

What are you inspired by?

Everything: life, children, smiles, tears, sunsets, trees, the smell of a baby. . . there is so much in the world to find inspiration from.  It is hard to narrow it down.

Are you self taught?  Learn somewhere else?

Primarily self taught.

Any special moments or funny bloopers you want to share with us that happened during a session?

I have backed into a cactus before and had to have my second shooter pull thorns from my rear!

Do you have any special rituals that are apart of your editing process, music you like to listen to, etc?

Not really. . . I just have to be in the mood to do it.  If I’m not, I just can’t edit.

Do you have a “glass” addiction?  What is your favorite lens?

Um, I have a hoarding problem.  Nikon loves me – I own every lens created I think!  My fav is my 35 1.2 mm right now, but I also love my 70-200 2.8.

Where can we find you?

Website:       www.justinemillerphotography.com
Website:       www.justinemillerphotographynewborns.com
Facebook:     http://www.facebook.com/pages/Justine-Miller-Photography/10360213730
Twitter:        http://www.twitter.com/AZ_wedding

How fabulous was that!  Thank you so much Justine. . .amazing work from an amazing photographer.


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