{Feature Friday: Christy Kirkland Photography}

{Interview with Christy Kirkland}

This week I am so proud to share some wonderful local talent with you all!  Christy Kirkland Photography is located right here in Newfoundland, serving the metro area of St. John’s.  Chirsty has a fresh approach to photography and uses color so wonderfully to capture special moments so classically.

I have partnered with Christy many times and love each and every photo she has shared with me showcasing CastAway Collection props in action.

So grab a coffee, sit down, and get ready to learn a little more about this fabulous photographer!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a Mom to 2 little boys first and foremost.  I am a Dog Groomer by trade since 2005 but have always had a creative side.  I’ve always been looking for ways to be creative but had a hard time finding something.  I started making cakes when my first son was born 4 years ago and also started crocheting and knitting.

How did you get your start in photography?

After Max was born I did a little setup to try and take his pictures “like a pro.”  I only had a point and shoot camera at the time but considering, I didn’t think they were half bad!  I invested in my first DSLR that Christmas and spent my time figuring out how it worked.  It took a while and a lot of reading and advice from some great friends/photographers but as time went on, I was shooting exclusively in manual but still only filming my little family. The fall of 2011 I decided to start portfolio building with friends and family and started my photography business.

Is this a full time job or a part time gig?

Right now it’s part time since I am also a stay at home mom but I’m in the process of building a studio in my home so I can take on more clients.

What three words describe your style?

Crisp.  Fresh.  Natural

How do you describe your approach to photography to your clients?

I guess I kind of go with the flow.  I don’t really plan my outdoor sessions until we get to the location and I see what the light and surroundings are like.  I always have ideas floating around in my head of things I’d like to try though.  When it comes to newborns, I also go with the flow, some will pose certain ways and others won’t, some sleep better than others, I just plan out my props, drops and accessories and see what happens in the moment!

Do you always know when you get that perfect shot?  Any surprises during the editing process?

Some of my favorite shots are ones I wasn’t expecting. I love when I find an image that’s pretty good SOOC but a different crop or a little something extra in post processing really brings it to life.

What are you inspired by?

I am inspired by the wonder of a newborn baby, by the love of a family, by the perfect location, and gorgeous light.

Are you self-taught?  Learn somewhere else?

I am self-taught.  I’ve read books and blogs and tutorials and taken a LOT of pictures. I learn a lot from my friends around the world who are also photographers.  I have a great group that I can bounce ideas off of and ask for feedback.

Any special moments or funny bloopers you want to share with us that happened during a session?

They mostly include getting peed or pooped on by the wee ones!

Do you have any special rituals that are a part of your editing process, music you like to listen to, etc?

I edit whenever I can since I’m home with my boys.  Nap time and after the kids are in bed. I love to have the 90’s station or the 2000’s on.  Or even the tv on in the background.  I don’t like it too quiet.


Do you have a “glass” addiction?  What is your favorite lens? 

My 50 1.4 is on my camera 90% of the time.  I don’t have a lot of lenses but I definitely get lens envy!  I’m constantly thinking about what lens I want next and that seems to change from week to week.

Where can we find you?  

Website:      www.christykirklandphotography.com

Facebook:   www.facebook.com/christy.k.photography


Thank you so much Christy!  Beautiful work!


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  1. Christy has done my sons photos since birth. Not only is she a great photographer, but she is a patient person with a great personality. I enjoy her photo sessions because she thinks outside the box and is a pleasure to work with. I wish her all the best !! She is one talented photographer !!

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