{Feature Friday ~ Bachmanville Photography}

{Interview with Shara Bachman}

Welcome Everyone!

This is my first edition of {feature friday} and I am just so excited!  Each week I will be interviewing a talented artist and this week I had the pleasure of working with Shara Bachman of Bachmanville Photography.  So pour yourself up a coffee, sit back, and prepared to be inspired!

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’ve been married to my incredible husband, Jeff, for 11 years.  We have three awesome kids: Jackson (6), Isabella (4), and Charlotte (2).  We live in Orange County, California, and love that the beach and Disneyland are both within 20 minutes of us…we spend a lot of time at both!

Our church and our faith are big parts of our lives; my husband has been in youth ministry for almost twenty years.  Before photography, I was a elementary school teacher, but decided to stop after having my first child.  I love being able to capture life through photos.  I am rarely without my camera.  I also love reading, reality tv, time with my girlfriends, new shoes, and my morning coffee!

How did you get your start in photography?  

I’ve always loved taking pictures, but I had other jobs and never really thought to pursue it.  Then I took a class a few years back on how to use my camera in manual and it all made sense.  I never went back to automatic.  I was immediately inspired by how much I could do with my camera.  I was just taking pictures of my kids, and then, people started to ask me to take photos for them.  We moved to Orange County a little over a year ago and I decided it was time to really go for it.  I’ve been astounded and blessed by how it has taken off.

Is this a full time job or a part time gig?

It is supposed to be part time but with fall family photo sessions and lots of babies right now, I am pretty busy!  We are definitely trying to figure out how to juggle three small children and two working parents.  I had no idea how much time and effort went into being a ‘real’ photographer…I think people often assume you take the pics, upload them to your computer and you’re done.  But there are hours that go into each session.  And I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I probably put more into each photo than I sometimes should!

What three words describe your style?

Fresh.    Love.   Emotion.

How would you describe your approach to photography with your clients?

For my newborns, I love to keep it pretty simple and classic, but will throw in some fun colors for added pop.  For my families and children, I love to capture them as they are, so I love to let kids explore and have fun, and then take pictures while they are doing that.  One of my favorite things about photography is the people I get to meet.  Each family is unique and I want that to come through in my photos.  I never want two of my sessions, whether family or newborn, to look exactly the same, even if I use similar props and backdrops.  I’m always trying to keep it fresh!

Do you always know when you get that perfect shot?  Any surprises during the editing process?

There are definitely moments when I think “yes! I got it!” during a session.  But it’s always so fun going through my photos afterwards and being surprised by something I didn’t know I was going to love.  I really fall in love with my clients during a session, so it makes it harder to sift through them as I feel so connected to them through the pictures.

What are you inspired by?  

Life is full of so much joy.  It’s easy to miss it and let it pass you by.  I want to really grab hold to each moment, remember how precious today is.  I try to really think about that going into each session.   I also get inspired by objects and places.  I’ll see a field full of sunlight or a really cool door and my mind will just start racing with all the things I could do with it!  I also have a bit of a prop addiction – I’ll see a new blanket or hat or crate and get so excited to have a baby in my studio to use it for!

Are you self taught?  Learn somewhere else?

I have learned SO much from my mentor, Cori Derksen of Derksen Photography.  She is absolutely incredible and was so generous with her knowledge, both about using my camera well and really getting into the business.  I owe her a lot and she totally inspires me.  Amazing person, amazing photographer.  From there, I just keep practicing and trying new things.  I never want to get stale.

Any special moments or funny bloopers you want to share with us that happened during a session?

It is a guarantee that I will get pooped or peed on in every newborn session.  I love that when my oldest daughter comes home after a session, she will ask, “Mommy, did the baby pee pee on you today?  Why do those babies love to go pee pee on you?” Every time.  Always makes me smile.

Do you have any special rituals that are apart of your editing process, music you like to listen to, etc?

I’m definitely a snacker!  I would like to attribute a few extra pounds on my lower section to all the editing!  I usually have a latte from my nespresso.  I am totally addicted to that thing!

Do you have a “glass” addiction?  What is your favorite lens?  

I LOVE my 50mm.  I will use other lenses, but I always go back to my 50mm.  She makes me happy in pretty much every situation.  Although I am really wanting a macro for my next lens purchase.

Where can we find you? 

Website: www.bachmanvillephotography.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bachmanvillephotography

Now, how awesome was that?  Thank you so much Shara! 

Truly amazing work!



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