{CastAway Collection Featured in VOGUE KNITTING!}

We all measure our success in so many different ways.  And while SALES are pretty well number one on my list…RECOGNITION accompanies the same breath.  I work very hard creating new pieces for the CastAway Collection and love every second I spend promoting my business.  I have been so fortunate to be featured by so many people.  I have been featured in blogs, Facebook fan pages, giveaways, online magazines, and on the front page of Etsy several times over now.   Each of these features have been key in helping my business grow and thrive.

I am just so excited to share my latest accomplishment with you all.  I have been featured in the latest edition of Vogue Knitting.  VK is renowned internationally and has been in publication since the 1930’s!  VK just released its first Crochet Edition in 18 years and I feel so blessed to be spotlighted as one of Canada’s leading crochet artist.  When I opened to the doors to my online business, I never would have imagined reaching such heights in just 7 short months.  Seeing myself in print certainly helps me recognize that this hobby of mine has grown in to a small business in what feels like overnight!  Thank you to Vogue Knitting and to author Lee Ann Dalton for this awesome opportunity and just perfectly written article.  I feel truly honored!

Vogue Knitting CROCHET is on newsstands TODAY – drop out and get your copy!  It is just amazing!


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