For the Dreamers…

Feathers have been a favorite prop material for me since the beginning…so happy to introduce a couple new pieces tot he “Tribal Collection.”  Includes the “Dreamer” newborn halo and the “Dream Cather” newborn tieback.  Both are now available in my Etsy Shop.

The Dreamer

{The Dreamer – Newborn Halo}

The Dreamer

{The Dreamer – Newborn Halo}

The Dreamer

{The Dreamer – Newborn Halo}

The Dream Catcher

{The Dream Catcher – Newborn Tieback}

Dream Catcher

{The Dream Catcher – Newborn Tieback}

Giveaway Time!

Want to Win a CastAway Collection Swaddling Sack?

The last giveaway was such a success, let’s do it again!

It all started with one little sack and I had no idea how much you all would love this new photography prop.  You have been so great, sharing all of your incredible Swaddling Sack images with me.  I get so excited every time I see one popping up in my newsfeed or on my page!

It is time to say thank you again with this fun little giveaway…you could win your very own Swaddling Sack!  Each sack is unique and a beautiful addition to your prop stash.

Contest will run until May 23rd, 2014 on Facebook.

{Click HERE to Enter}

Swaddling Sack

New to the Collection

Your Exclusive Preview

Getting back into the swing of things and I have been working on some new additions tot he shop.  You can expect to see these very soon…lots of soft colors, nature materials, all combined to create an organic Spring vibe.   Looking forward to adding these in next 1-2 weeks.  Enjoy!

Briar Rose Halo

{Briar Rose Halo}

Carolina Halo

{Carolina Halo}

Gloria Tieback

{Gloria Tieback}

Watercolors Bonnet

{Watercolors Bonnet}

Rose Blush Tieback

{Rose Blush Tieback}

Spring Blossom Tieback

{Spring Blossom Tieback}

Flouirsh Tieback

{Flourish Tieback}

Blista Bow Tieback

{Blista Tieback}

Aqua Dream Tieback

{Aqua Dreams Tieback}

Gypsy Tieback

{Gypsy Tieback}

Swaddling Sack Love

It all started with one little sack.  I wondered how they would be received, if you would like them…turns out that you love them!   A huge thank you to all of my fabulous customers…such beautiful work and I am so happy to be apart of it.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  Enjoy the show!

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Swaddling Sack Blitz!

Thursday, April 17th at 2:00 PM EST

{Beautiful photo by Alaska Photography & Desing:}

I will be hosting one final Swaddling Sack Blitz for the month of April!  This will be your last chance to snag a RTS Swaddling Sack and let me tell you, I have some beautiful Sacks made for the Sale.

Join me tomorrow at 2:00 PM EST for the RTS Sale on my Facebook Biz Page.  And better get there early…they usually go pretty fast.


As always, if you are looking for a CastAway Collection signature piece, you will find these in my Etsy Shop.  These items are made-to-order and have become customer favorites.

All my recent pieces have been added including a listing for Custom Swaddling Sacks.  Please note my current processing time is 6-8 weeks.

{Visit the Shop}


Swaddling Sack Madness

125 Swaddling Sacks Sold!  

Gosh, where to start…I am truly amazed and overwhelmed by the popularity of my Swaddling Sacks.  I truly appreciate your response and absolutely love seeing this little bags swaddling brand new bebes so cosy and tight.  Thank you all for supporting my artistic vision as well as the art of handmade.

If you haven’t snag yourself one just yet, there are two ways to do so.  You can visit my Facebook Fan Page where I post all of my ready-to-ship sack or you can place a custom order in my Etsy Shop.  You pick a colour and I will create something just for you.  Thank you all much….so blessed.





Swaddling Sacks


Newborn Swaddling Sacks

On Sale Friday at 2 PM EST!

Wow!  I am putting out cozy, little Swaddling Sacks as fast as I can make them!  Thank you all!

I have another batch of beautiful Sacks looking for new homes.  Expect to see lots of neutral tones and beautiful textures.

If you haven’t snagged yourself one yet, I am having a Ready-to-Ship Sale on Friday (March 21, 2014) at 2 PM EST on my Facebook Biz Page!  Set your alarms, don’t be late, they will go fast!

And if you haven’t entered the Swaddling Sack Giveaway, take a moment to do so…you could win your very own Custom-Made Sack from the CastAway Collection.  Enter HERE.

Cheers!  And have a great weekend!

Dewdrops Photography

Win A Custom-Made Swaddling Sack!

Just a little thank-you…

Your response to the CastAway Collection Swaddling Sack has been amazing to say the least.  As a little thank-you, I would love to give one away to one of my awesome fans.  Super easy to enter….contest ends March 31 at Midnight NST.

Click HERE to enter!  You will find all the details on my Facebook Biz Page.


RTS Swaddling Sacks

On Sale Today at Noon!

I am just so excited about these little Swaddling Sacks!  Several awesome photographers have shared their beautiful work with me and I am in love.  These are just as I imaged!  Many thanks to Christy Kirkland Photography, Dewdrops Photography by Amy McDaniel, and Sugar Free Photography by Amber Cunningham.  You gals rock!

If you haven’t snagged yourself one yet, I have several Ready-to-Ship today (March 14, 2014) at 12 Noon EST on my Facebook Biz Page!  Set your alarms, don’t be late, they will go fast!

Cheers!  And have a great weekend!

Dewdrops Photography

Sugar Free Photography

Christy Kirkland Photographty

New Collection

The Mystic Garden Collection

Inspired by dark and rich colors, the {Mystic Garden Collection} is perfect for the photographer looking to play around with a new color palette.  Expect to see lots of navy, browns, and neutrals pairs with flashes of unexpected color like fuchsia.  Here is your preview.  The complete collection with be released later this month.

Send it my way using #coloringwithcc and be sure to follow me on Instagram for real life sneak peeks.

Mystic Garden Collection

Mystic Garden Collection

Mystic Garden Collection